ISO 20000 Foundation Certificate (I20000F)


ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 is a service management system (SMS) standard. It specifies requirements for the service provider to plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve an SMS.The requirements include the design, transition, delivery and improvement of services to fulfill agreed service requirements.

This 16 hours training course introduces the ISO 20000 standard. The course work involves lectures, discussions, role-play, individual and group exercises to get you started with understanding the ISO 20000 standard.

After passing the ISO 20000 Foundation exam, you can expect to gain a general overview and basic understanding of the concepts and requirements of each process defined within ISO/IEC 20000. If you want to progress to the next step of the ISO 20000 certifications, you can advance via ISO 20000 Auditor Certificate (I20000A).

Learning Objectives

  • Overview of ISO/IEC 20000. The schemes available for certification and qualification.
  • Compatibility of the SMS with other management system standards.
  • Terms and definitions.
  • The SMS, and the concepts, responsibilities, requirements and processes needed to confirm.
  • The Deming cycle.
  • An understanding of the concepts and requirements of each process defined within ISO/IEC 20000.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who requires knowledge and understanding of the ISO/IEC 20000 standard and its content. This certification does not provide advanced knowledge for external auditors; consultants or implementers.


  • There are no formal prerequisites for this certification.


  • Course Type: Fundamentals.
  • Certification Code: I20000F.
  • Duration: 16 hours.

Certification Exam

  • Format: Multiple choice.
  • Questions: 40.
  • Language: English/Spanish.
  • Pass Score: 24/40 or 60%.
  • Duration: 60 minutes maximum.
  • Open book: Yes.
  • Delivery: This examination is available in Online or Paper based format.
  • Supervised: It will be at the Partner’s discretion.

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